What Is Something?


What is something? On the most fundamental level thinkable, what are things? Why are things? And why do things behave the way they do?

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What is something?

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  1. Bruh .. As legend of zelda fan .. When they explained the "standard model of particule" and it's three categories "quarks" "leptons" and "bosons" … I couldn't help but to think how awfully similar it is to the triforce in the legend of zelda .. If you remember what the deku tree said about how hyrule was made .. The goddess of strength shaped the land (which is "quarks") and the goddess of wisdom created the creatures that live in it (which is " leptons") and finally the goddess of courage gave life to everything (which is what "boson" does) .. I really feel like i am onto somthing here .. Someone send this shit to matpat in game theory .. WE NEED TO DIVE DEEPER !!

  2. "the computer you're using right now to distract yourself from the stuff you should be doing" "you are nothing more than a disturbance"
    kurzgesagt knows me well.

  3. “If elementary particles are the smallest thing, what are they made up of?”

    Me: Fleshy stuff and hopes and dreams

  4. So what your saying is everything we’ve ever observed and ever will is not supposed to be? Simply a mutation of the empty nothingness that is supposed to be here? Does that make us the bad guys? Does that mean we don’t matter

  5. 1) erase everthing.

    2) Imagine an ocean filled with particles, quarks and a bunch of random stuff that waves around creating everything.

    3) Ignore why it was completely irrelevant to try and imagine vacuum jn the first place.


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