The Best of Game Club – The Patch Game Club


Join Ashley Jenkins, Gus Sorola, Meg Turney and Ryan Haywood as they discuss their favorite Game Club game of 2015 on this week’s Patch Game Club! This episode originally aired on December 30, 2015.

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  1. I really want to play Ori when I have money and free time. It looks incredible. I have yet to hear someone absolutely hate it.

  2. 9 11 was cool for the people who were suicidal and couldn't go through with it but bad for people who weren't emo pussies

  3. I went into this video thinking it was about the best moments of game club, and was kind of disappointed when one of the moments was that they wore the same clothes between episodes but then saw they were listing their favorite games, and was like ohhhhhhhh

  4. You guys should play Pony Island!!! It just came out and it would be so cool to see what you guys think of it!! Here's to hoping it makes the Cylinder of Selection!!!

  5. I'm in the middle of writing my own video game, and I use game club to motivate myself to finish it. It's a visual novel, and so when I'm feeling down I think of Meg and Ashley being excited at the different plots and Ryan groaning and hating everything 😛

  6. If you guys want some more visual novels, and you don't already have it in the rolly thing, you should definitely put Cute Demon Crashers in there!


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