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Want a primer on the rules? Check out How to Play:

Get ready to summon all of your magical world building powers, because in this episode of Game the Game we’re playing Sorcerer City from Skybound! Join Becca, James Hudson and Madison Smith as they play powerful sorcerers competing to create the most prestigious city. This deck-building and tile-laying strategy game will put their skills to the test as they encounter the perilous dangers that may lurk in Sorcerer City.

This video is made in paid partnership with Skybound Games. Learn more about Sorcerer City here:

Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster.

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  1. I friggin love James. Oh my gosh I love videos with him for Game the Game, I kind of wish they would make a game he did not make though

  2. Ahh, hourglass: editor's bane.
    This is a cool game, but I can't help but think playing one extra round once everyone has their monsters set would help to even out what bad luck could do. On the other hand, if someone's been lucky enough to ice their giant or skeletons, then that could give them a big advantage I suppose.. It's too late to work this out.

  3. could y'all make folders of all your how to game and game the game folder? this would be great just to binge watch.

  4. Is this just a rather embellished 5-round magical Carcassonne? Not that that's a bad thing but that's definitely the feeling I'm getting.

  5. Becca won. James didn't reset his 30 point prestige marker from the previous round and was given 51 points for the last round instead of 21.
    Edit: Nevermind alot going on at the end got confused myself~

  6. There is a term for some board games I have used called "Collective solitaire". It's those games where you are in theory playing with other people…but mostly not. I hate collective solitaire games, and this seems to be one of them. Why exactly do people come into the same room for this?

  7. Ah, Hall of the Mountain King, nothing better for a bit of stress.

    And if I remember Peer Gynt correctly, there's some lines to the effect of the following.

    'Flay him, kill him, bite his bum.'


    Almost as good as the following from Wagner, Das Rhinegold from memory.

    Literal translation, piss off you ugly hair dwarf.

  8. "I am very attracted to monsters"
    "well wait till you see what that giant does to your city
    Awakard pause

    "lets begin" ! xD


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