Shin Koihime Musou Gi – 0002


Shunran would’ve been a good character if she wasn’t so trigger-happy. Still, it was a pleasant discussion filled with logic. His role is not a king here, of course, but that’s pretty obvious. Still, having a someone with his knowledge and title of Heavenly Messenger, is nothing but benefit. Well, in other words, his main role as a portable shrine remains unchanged in all three routes, though the way they use it is a bit different. Oh, and the old book the three bandits stole was none other than Taihei Youjutsu, a book that all the second and third season of Koihime anime was all about.
Oh, and I really like how, unlike the first game, Karin is actually quite fond of Kazuto here. I mean, she doesn’t get that “omg, it’s a man, kill it with fire!”. Her personality sure got polished by BaseSon a lot, compared to how she used to be.


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  1. I've been watching Kingdom and just realized that Shikotei Kazuto mentioned here is Ei Sei from Kingdom, pretty much a deuteragonist there. And he was the first Emperor of China. Pretty important dude, historically. If it wasn't for the RoTK novel, he'd probably be way more famous than Sousou or Ryubi.

  2. I heard that there's a special campaign that gets unlocked after finishing the campaigns of all three factions. Would you upload that eventually?

  3. I feel like I asked this before, but is Kazuto more useful in this route than in the shoku route?
     After all, he seems more smarter in this one.


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