Play gym battle music with the glitch item "il", hex:6D (Red and Blue)


Read description for more information:

Another glitch documented by Anonyme358. The glitch item “il” (hex:6D) executes code from 433E. You can get this item with the item underflow glitch. Video:

Probably always, the game will end up in bank 3 when you use this item.

Follow the pointer 03:433E (or offset 0xC33E) and you get the following code, which I imagine may be used somewhere:

ld (D13B),a
ld (D05C),a
ld (FFB3),a
ld (FFB2),a
ld (FFB4),a
ld (CD6A),a
ld (D5A3),a
ld hl,D73F
ldi (hl),a
ld (hl),a
ld hl,CD3D
lb bc,001E
call 36E0

I haven’t thoroughly looked at this code, but two of the things it does is set the “lone moves” or Gym Leader music address (D05C) to 3E, and modifies a step counter address (D13B) to 3E as well. This address counts down every step.

If you use this glitch item before battle, you can have the Gym Leader music play. If you use it on the Elite Four (and presumably Gym Leaders), you can modify the third move of their first Pokémon to Swords Dance as well.

I looked through all the glitch items in Pokémon Yellow up to 7F, including Super Glitch items which you can use without the Super Glitch effect if you use them in this position Unfortunately I couldn’t find any like “il”. I stopped at 80 because the game apparently considers the effects of items hex:80 and above the same as that item -80h.

Addendum: You can use il (hex:6D) to set the number of steps until you take poison damage on the overworld to 2. If you use it every step you can avoid the reduced HP effect altogether.


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  1. Nice glitch on its own, but this brings up something even bigger: Could we possibly use this item or variants of this item to edit the music, by pulse wave individually?

  2. Interesting. I didn't know about the poison steps counter. This can give help to do the safari zone walk through walls glitch.


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