Nikon Df Hands-on Review


Not content with just the fine range of full-frame DSLRs such as the D600, D800, D800E and D4, Nikon has released this retro-ish DSLR – the Df ( – with a design inspired by the classic Nikon FM cameras. This could potentially tug at the heartstrings of all those with a bit of sentiment for the cameras of old. But is this worth the similar-to-D800 price tag?

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  1. I think no matter how Nikon designed the camera, it was going to miss the mark somewhere along the line because everyone wanted it to be something different. Some people are complaining because the dials weren't machined from solid brass. Some are complaining because it has modes other than full manual. Some are complaining that its relatively full slate of features does eventually require some menu scrolling. Some are complaining because it has a reflex mirror and is not a rangefinder. I even read one review that suggested it should have used the Leica "M" mount and not Nikon's lens mount! As it turns out, all photographers have different needs and wants and most of them like to complain, so in perfect hindsight Nikon probably shouldn't have made the Df at all.

  2. Let's see: I like to focus myself, set the exposure myself, and be able to use my collection of AI lenses and accessories with my beloved Nikon FM. Not to mention a camera that will continue to function with no battery power. Guess I'll stick with my FM as long as it continues to function properly. (or I can't get film and developing any more).

  3. Was considering purchasing this camera but I was on the fence until I watched your video. Your raving positive review convinced me and I bought one.

  4. This is why it is a bad idea to put a spray and pray smartphone style reviewer on the task of reviewing an artistic tool. Nikon made this for people who are intuitive, artistic, well tempered photographers. This is like watching a millenial complain to a japanese woodworker that chisels and handplanes are way slower than powerdrills and tablesaws.

  5. 😅😅sin importar si es buena o mala es la camara más bella que es visto la Nikon DF😲😍😍😍😍😍

  6. I have this camera already 4 years. I do dissagree with the video that the integration of maual and digital went wrong. The dials after few weeks are awesome. I still have many points that makes this camera my last Nikon camera before I will get back to Canon.
    I own only two lenses. One has the aperture ring the other doe not. To use the aperture ring instead of the small dial on the camera each time I have to go to menu te set it up which is big mistake.
    The menu overaly is just way much worst in nikon than it is in Canon by the way.
    The biggest bad point is that I use my camera for the architecture and the digital level is for me a must. This camera has beutiful level but only in live view mode which actually allows you to work maximum 25 minutes on one battery charge so I need 5 bateries a day. There is a option to have the level without live view but only available through the menu and any butoon you push it disappear. and the level in the viewfinder is only horizontal.
    The ISO is getting really pixelated above 1000 which makes this camera wick choice for night shots.
    the rubber on the camera is absolutely rubish. I had it replaced after 3 years and the new one after 2 years looked like this camera belongs to a homeless. I made my own real leather elements and I can bet it will survive longer than the Nikon ones.
    The writing on the buttons is also bed quality. Most of the buttons I wouldn't be able to read what it says. Fortunately I know them by memory.
    would I recommend this camera? no way. maybe I would 4 years ago but not now.

  7. I was very interested in the Df until I started reading the reviews. It’s so disappointing that it doesn’t hit the mark. The concept is great but it doesn’t deliver. I’ll wait for the next one when Nikon get it right (if that will ever happen now)

  8. It's the only 16 MP full-frame DSLR I know of available today. Do you know what that means? f/11 without diffraction (on half-size color images)!!!

  9. the mode dial really sucks, especially if you HAVE TO use it and can't just set speed dial or aperture to auto.

  10. I would like to see in which a lot of people wish for is a digital Nikon F body with all detachable finders that would make it Retro with video of course…

  11. I think he gave a very good review on the Nikon Dork F in which he gave a very honest review, Nikon is now a 100 years now and this is their best model of the film retro look model with NO VIDEO!! Two many buttons, is like the Canon A1 that model had two many buttons. Sony, and Canon are kicking Nikon's but from their mirror less models… And now Fuji has 4 models, yea not Full frame but I own 2 of them, and very happy with them… More videos Please….

  12. I agree the Df did not make it, it is a retro D600 w/o video, and not much of fast rate, too many buttons once you figure it out – Your scene is gone. As I am happy in what I have, and again It is your eye that selects your shooting scene, not this digital version of a F4 in which that model did not last… Move videos please…

  13. Nikon could use the Fm body , fit a d800 sensor and presto! The perfect D camera , striped down to the basics, no BS!

  14. Just buy a couple of minty f2's, some old pre-ai nikkors and enjoy shooting film again. Yeah, laugh of you want but I'm now actually enjoying photography again… 😉

  15. Oh man the nostalgia… Not the camera, the show! Back when digital rev was fun and worth watching. What a shame (for the show… and the camera…)

  16. Wow, complete fail in your review and by most comments by people who don’t own, haven’t shot a Df. (ever wonder why those that do own one rate it so highly?) Is it perfect? No but it is a great camera, not video camera but a CAMERA. That is NOT a fail, If you Want a video camera, get one! Complaining that this doesn’t have it is like complaining that a Ferrari can’t take garbage to the dump or go off-roading. Same goes for comparing then complaining it can’t shoot at 10 FPS it’s not designed to be a sports action camera, want that? Spend double and get a F5!
    How about reviewing it for what it is, not what it isn’t. Novel idea I know. Don’t compare a Mustang vs. an F150 they both are great, they just do different things very well.
    What this Camera is, is a well built camera that just feels right in your hands, can use virtually any nikkor glass and is a joy to use.
    I would like to see a few tweaks however. Auto ISO position on the dial for one. Split prism from the factory would be great, built in AF assist light would be great. Built in WiFi and capable software. These can all be worked around but it would be nice to have them. D5’s AF system and sensor/processor would step this up. Other than that, this is a great camera that deserves a better rep from those that have never used it and lived with it daily and as such, don’t have the first clue as to what they are talking about.

  17. I do like a lot of your videos, but you com off like a real knuckle head with this one. I own a D810 a D500 and a Df and have spent more than a hour and a half with it and find it very enjoyable to shoot with and love the images.


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