Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees Gameplay – Jason Gameplay Xbox One


Jason Voorhees comes to Mortal Kombat X this week as DLC. See Jason’s Mortal Kombat X fatality and variations in this Xbox One gameplay. Subscribe for more Xbox One videos:

The first variation for hockey mask enthusiast Jason is Unstoppable, which gives him access to health and damage buffs, and, in keeping with how unkillable he is in the movies, lets him get back up after being knocked out, using energy from his super meter.

Next is Slasher, which gives the Friday the Thirteenth star access to a bunch of different machete attacks, including a machete throw and a variety of grisly grab moves.

Finally there is Relentless, which plays on Jason’s ability to pursue his victims by letting him switch his opponent’s buttons, and teleport from one side of the screen to the other.

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  1. Are all characters free on the xbox one and ps4 because im gonna buy the game but i need to know if jason is free

  2. Ive tryed everything but what is the combination for the slicing the stomach and into the skull. 3:45 . (Xbox one combo ples or the name of the move)

  3. your skeleton has the same colour as your blood that's why the human skeleton is red, that's some good sience right there

  4. So we have Freddy Krueger in one game, and Jason Voorhees in another game.
    Also that Lake Mist technique can kinda make Jason as OP as Skorpion from Injustice.

  5. The chain on his neck his from the 4th or 5th movie, they wrap it around a large rock to try and keep him from coming out of the lake

  6. Don't know if anybody agrees but I think the Jacket from hotline miami would be awesome for mortal kombat

  7. You guys are fucking morons , the chain represents when he was brought out to crystal lake and had the chain put around his neck and the other end was attached to a boulder so since he cant die he would be held down there , try watching the movies you morons instead of just guessing stupid shit.

  8. In reality, Jason should win none of these fights. Jason, like many slashers, kills those who are weak or those he can ambush. Jason would get his shit wrecked by these world class martial artists.

  9. Its a pity they didn't bring Freddy Krueger back for MKX, then we could have had some epic Freddy vs. Jason matches.

  10. I love the fact that there is a friday the 13th video game that has the concept of evolve. Am i the only one excited about that

  11. Ermac = error macro, a rumour started by EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) saying that there was a red version of another character I think reptile

  12. Jason was chained to a rock in the bottom of crystal lake. More than once if I'm not mistaken. It is the only thing that subdued him because Jason drowned in crystal lake before the events of the first film. It is the one thing he fears, the one thing that stops him from killing everyone you love.

  13. I don't like adding all these non-Mortal Kombat characters as DLC, I'd rather pay for series regulars, like the characters they put in story mode but were too lazy to make playable.


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