Max Tegmark – Why is the Quantum so Strange?


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To know reality, one must confront the quantum. It is how our world works at the deepest level. What’s the quantum? It is bizarre, defying all common sense. Particles in two positions at the same time. Spooky action at a distance. It would sound absurd if it weren’t true.

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  1. No it's not two particles in two places at once.
    No it's not, one particle in two places at once.
    It's a wave function distributing itself over a range.
    We notice the observation. When the interaction occurs. Only the interactions are observed, if at all.
    It doesn't take consciousness. It takes a meaningful measurement.
    The meaningful measurement is that which has consequence. Erase the consequence, the wave is never disturbed.
    Hence the great quantum eraser experiment.

  2. Perhaps someone watching this who knows more than me about these matters can help me understanding why it isn't a measurement problem. For example in dealing with the electron moving at the speed of light over an incredibly small space. would it not be everywhere within it's orbit at any instance?

  3. I wouldn't say it's impossible to convince other people your quantum suicide experiment has worked. All you have to do is video it. If there are, say, 100 triggers, then your chances of survival would be about 1 in 10^30. Surely, any physicist watching the video would have to admit that either MWI is true, or you're one lucky son of a bitch.

  4. The usual nonsense. The whole idea of "the observer" and the effect of consciousness on outcomes is all such nonsense. It is all a fundamental misinterpretation, where flawed questions are asked, and flawed assumptions are made.

  5. You should totally make another interview with Max Tegmark now that a quantum computer has been supposedly created and tested.

  6. My theory or maybe not mine, maybe its out there is that the probability of quantum tunneling is scale dependent, meaning that a large ball could pass through a barrier but for that to hapen you'd have to throw it a trillion or maybe a gogol ammount of times, so basically what I'm saying is the likelihood of that hapening proportionaly decreases with size. Thoughts?

  7. String theory and multiverse is a bunch of garbage, it just sounds good, but nothing has been verified about string and multiverse in the LHC in Geneva in the last few years

  8. The quantum only seems strange because we're looking at it through our materialist worldview. When interpreted with a more modern worldview, it makes perfect sense.

  9. Quantum suicide/immortality is false because it implies your subjective experience will never end as you'll just keep getting old indefinitely and not die. No one is getting any younger due to entropy, a law. So apparently quantum computers will not work.

  10. We leave one consciousness for another, why is that so hard to understand. Our vibrating atoms are still here, but our consciousness moves on *Somewhere. My Jesus told me in the Books left for us, that we are going to return back to the earth, and our body will grow again. The Physics Blokes just recently confirmed that atoms never die or go away. My Jesus says our consciousness will also return, *But not to this earth that is going to burn up someday, *Also in the books that were left for us, and the science Blokes recently confirmed, but to the *CREATOR. We are sent down here to create, so create:-) Good things. Like YouTube, get it now peeps. Not *machine Guns, I know we need guns *NOW, but Y'all get the point right? We create, our Creator makes it happen, it is as simple as that.

  11. Please get Stuart Hameroff on the program! Ask him bout Consiousness & the correlation with Microtubules ?

  12. The many worlds theory is in flagrant violation of one of the most basic principles of science: Occam's Razor. 'nuf said.

  13. This is a new one: he says that if we succeed in building quantum computers, that proves the Multiverse. Come on, Max. You have to do better than that.

  14. 5:50 I agree with that although not very convinced of MWI (well it is an option just not sure which is the right one). So an example, if we suddenly make a clone of someone, and separate them instantly what would happen to their consciousness? Probably they both of them will feel the same things until their minds eventually diverge because of new different experiences. So it will be another instance of you, and each one of you will think you are unique. But in this scenario you can even meet yourself. There will be two different consciousness with the same past but each one will feel special, most likely.

  15. Actually, surprisingly, the classical world confirms the quantum reality. We have light which has a wave behavior and waves have various energies classically. But we know matter behave similarly to light and shows wave properties like for example electrons used in electron scanning microscopes. But the energy quanta reveals in classical objects. A piece of steel although made of these particles with wave behavior, when we measure its weight or mass we always find it the same and that's particularly because of precise quanta of energy for the atoms in the lattice. So from the classical field physics we can get to rigid body classical physics because of the quantum nature.

  16. He has been waiting for years for someone to finally just give him a handkerchief. Come on! That's only why he's hanging around in those talks.


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