Manifold Morals | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 74


Joined by a new, lawful ally, the Mighty Nein delve deeper into the disks of Uthodurn in their search for mithral and the whereabouts of a white dragon… (guest starring Mica Burton!)

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  1. HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing
    1:30 The fate of the bi-presidency
    7:45 Worth it
    9:35 Intro cinematic
    11:10 Episode Starts
    13:00 Recap Ends (Mica Burton)
    13:40 Mica came to play
    15:20 Reani
    17:45 Ashamed…of
    19:35 Cupcake insight
    21:30 Too perfect
    23:05 Way too perfect
    25:10 Everyone misses the fly
    25:25 Owning a house? Too much of a fantasy
    27:40 Reani’s house and backstory
    29:15 ADD bomb
    33:15 Fjord is pretty
    35:55 Milk insight
    41:40 Caduceus was an assassin the whole time
    44:40 Jester is Banksy
    47:00 Ava
    49:30 Kobold check
    51:30 She does not like Nott
    53:05 Debating morals
    55:40 The ultimate haberdashery
    56:55 At least she takes a moral stance, maybe not the best one
    1:06:55 Familiar crystals
    1:12:55 Freezing mithral piece by piece
    1:15:50 Ska is too much for Taliesin
    1:18:30 Marisha strikes again
    1:20:15 Chime
    1:23:25 Annoying a librarian
    1:25:20 Reani is a superhero
    1:27:20 Taliesin makes me nostalgic for The Wednesday Club
    1:30:00 Jester doesn’t get to read about weasels
    1:34:20 Archivist Demid Sunlash
    1:41:20 Dungeons and Denny’s
    1:43:35 Lore dump
    1:58:30 Modern literature
    2:01:05 The distractions
    2:06:20 Break Starts
    2:19:20 Art Montage
    2:31:50 Break Ends
    2:42:50 The fly meets its match
    2:48:20 Nott invents the hot air balloon, canon
    2:52:50 Reani and Fenn
    3:01:00 Put your faith in Samriegal
    3:04:50 Good cop, asshole cop
    3:13:15 Aggressive negotiations
    3:16:00 The otters
    3:17:55 Otters are so cute
    3:19:20 Awesome
    3:25:45 Messaging Essik
    3:32:25 Awwwditors
    3:37:15 Caleb is still banned
    3:40:10 Messaging Yeza
    3:46:45 Hey Essik
    3:50:10 Tree names
    3:54:00 Silence the tree
    4:00:40 Essik eats a cupcake
    4:10:10 Episode Ends
    The in-game start date for the episode was the 20th of Misuthar 836. Sam’s flask says, “Creepy and a crime” Next to a picture of Brian in his Gencon outfit.
    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

  2. I love how the party got super incomfortable unpon hearing the manichean views of Reani on good and evil. They're antiheroes, always flirting with the grey areas. Meeting a person who's in appaearance is as sweet and chaotic as Jester but actually turns out to be some kind of Angel Guided Inquisitor who would execute anyone her angel points as "Evil" is quite chilling.

  3. Am I the only person that thinks "Jesters World of Dicks" sounds like it would be an amazingly funny colouring book for adults

  4. I feel Matt's pain. In a campaign I ran, everything was Viking themed and I described an NPC they had to meet, called a Volva, a type of Seeress in Norse Mythology.

    Some players in my group misheard it as vulva…and they ran with that and didn't shut up for the entire session. They had a 'random' encounter with a Dragon Turtle after that.

  5. Ah…. They've reached the part of the game where they stop travelling and just teleport everywhere. While sure, it gets them to the important bits faster, sort of feels like cheating out on a lot of the flavor and prioritizing what they should do in terms of deadlines etc with travel time.

  6. I wonder what Voc Machina could have learned if they asked about the two moons when they… well met the gods. Granted they didn't know there were two moons since they never looked up… or probably didn't care much about learning… things.

  7. GUYS. "Syllable" is a word. "Syl", "la", and "ble" are syllables. Ya'll miscounting messages all the time drives me nuts! XD

  8. wow I haven't seen Mica in anything since she started working at achievement hunter and then just stopped being in their videos because that community really hates newcomers.

  9. Am I being dumb, but three of the seven players can transform into GIANT EAGLES like three times a day right? Flying at full pace with a player on each back and one with Not as an extra, they'd surely be there in a few days?

  10. Nott has the morality of a a true evil oppertunist The only reason she wont do something like stealing is the headmans axe looming over her neck. Druids staff in this case

  11. Never, and I repeat NEVER challenge Erika to a push-up contest. I’ve seen her instagram stories – she will wipe the floor with everyone in the room!


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