Lifeless Planet OR IS IT? (It isn't) – Xbox One Gameplay


In Lifeless Planet, you crash land on a mysterious planet that poses several questions. Is there life there? (Yes.) Was it Earth all along? (Possibly.) Can you snap your legs in half by jumping too far? (Absolutely.) Subscribe!

This Let’s Play video features Xbox One gameplay from Lifeless Planet, a game about a lonely astronaut, a strange environment and disappearing frogs. You’ll understand when you watch it.

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  1. This weirdly reminds me of Salad finger… If you don't know what it is and feel like being weirded out, please feel free to go check it out.

  2. "Don't jump. Don't jump! MIKE!" — I feel like if I were sitting in another room listening to Mike play a video game with Andy watching, I would still know exactly what was happening.

  3. I like to imagine that it isn't actually another planet and that the protagonist just crash landed in a desert somewhere in New Mexico.


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