Let's Play Shenmue 2 on Xbox – Capsule Toys! Arm Wrestling! Street Crime!


Let’s Play Shenmue 2 on Xbox: as Shenmue 2 begins, Ryo steps off the boat from Japan and gets immediately sidetracked from his father-finding mission by capsule toy machines, arm wrestling matches and thieving urchins. Subscribe for more!

With the funds mustered by a record-breaking Kickstarter, the formerly mythical Shenmue 3 is on the way at last to the PS4 and PC. The time is ripe therefore to revisit Hong Kong in 2001’s revered Shenmue 2.

In the above gameplay video, we play the Xbox version of Shenmue 2 on the Xbox 360, via backwards compatibility.

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  1. I do really appreciate the directional audio for their voices, it kinda feels like your on the couch with them

  2. I couldn't for the life of me remember the name of this game.
    But I remember that you could arm wrestle with npcs to make money, so I looked up "arm wrestling xbox" & your video came up XD

  3. I'm watching this video because of ox just put out a video on Dec 6th about the times games toom tedious real life actions too far.

  4. Damn this game was so fun! I remember seeing the preview on Xbox exhibition. And tricked my brother in renting it from movie gallery buy switch out the game when he wasn't looking lol. Those were the good ole dayz

  5. Hopefully Shenmue 3 has the Japanese audio as an option, as the English dub for both games was dire. Granted it was bizarre walking around Hong Kong with everyone speaking Japanese, but much better than the stilted wooden direlogue we got for the English-language version.

  6. No, for real you could easily get run over in Hong Kong, especially back then. Zebra crossings kind of become a minigame of '10 points per pedestrian'


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