Let's Play Schrodinger's Cat on Xbox One – Schrodinger's Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark


Schrödinger’s cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark is a puzzle platformer in which Schrödinger’s cat gets particle physics superpowers. See how our physics expertise holds up in this Xbox One gameplay:

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  1. Does any one know waht Stogiterscata meens it's if cat is in a box. Is dead it or alive its both until you see the cat

  2. Just saw this in the Xbox store and immediately bought it! I didn't even need to see this video because… well… I'm a science nerd. But thanks for the vid anyway, your commentary with foreign lingo and slightly mispronounced words (to my ears) is very entertaining! Jane, you are absolutely ADORABLE!

  3. Please tell me the cat has some kind of power where it can phase through things but both existing and not existing.

  4. I could play this until I go to university and study a foundation year in physics… I got kicked off physics in Sixth Form because they thought I wouldn't be able to cope doing it with maths, engineering and resistant materials! Thanks guys… :'(

  5. I can't tell if I'm amused because cats are adorable and quarks is fun to say. Or if I'm mad that you made me science on my day off! I'm so conflicted!!!

  6. In one of the upcoming levels will there be a particle saying to another "hey I've just lost an electron"
    to which the other replies: "are you sure"
    and the first one goes: "yes I'm positive."
    Physics jokes for the win!

  7. Do you have to put up with The Big Bang Theory in UK? For what it's worth you guys are easily more entertaining than the biggest sitcom in America.

  8. Since Jane did a physics degree and this game is about the standard model then this counts as A level physics revision.

  9. For a long time I have wanted to get a pet cat and call it Muon. Though I do hope it would survive for much longer (on average) than the sub-atomic particle it is named after. Though it would probably be a relatively unstable feline.

  10. Jane is at home playing a childish, cute game like this. Oh wait. She's one one who stabs people in GTA with a broken bottle…

  11. Now I know that Dr. Kleiner wasn't talking complete nonsense and that Shrodingers cat os actually a phrase

  12. Out of the three i always thought that Mike was the scientific genius and Jane as his sidekick not the other way around.

  13. When jane said Down Down did anyone else break into a Staus Quo song "down down deeper and down dadadada" ? No? I'm old :/


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