King's Quest – "A Hand Painted Game" Behind The Scenes Trailer


King’s Quest: “A Hand Painted Game” is the third installment of our four-part series taking you behind the scenes of King’s Quest with Art Director Evan Cagle and Producer Lindsey Rostal of The Odd Gentlemen to see how the artwork is born on page before coming to life on screen. Creating a fantastic but compelling world true to the spirit of King’s Quest required going back to the lessons of old. Beginning with 1990’s King’s Quest V, Sierra devised a way for its artists to draw out their ideas in vivid color and detail before scanning them into the game for further polishing. Now, 25 years later, the team is employing a similar technique to give this incredible reimagining of a classic tale the truly stunning storybook look it deserves.


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  1. Long time fan of Sierra, I hope this is a sign of good things for the future. Especially on the Xbox One, the all in one gaming and media console.

  2. Oh man can't wait to wait for a PC version because I'd rather punch a brick wall then try manage a point and click game on console.

  3. Gorgeous presentation, props to the artists. Hopefully the gameplay will deliver as well and be reminiscent of old school point and click adventure games. I do wonder however, if I get this on PC, will it support controllers too? Really want to play it there!

  4. xbox when will you guy notice that no one plays games like this and this game is not worthy enough to be played on an xbox !!


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