How To Upload a Facebook Live Video To Youtube. How To Download Facebook Live Videos – VERY SIMPLE !


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Step 1 -Do you need to know how to download your Facebook Live Stream videos into an MP4 – find your live stream video in your timeline on your page/profile. Stage two – play the video. Stage three – right click and copy the URL of the video. Stage four – paste the URL into another tab Stage five – change the www. to an m. (making the video a mobile version). Stage six – play the video and right click. Stage seven – save video as onto your desktop And you are good.
Step 2 – Well if you’ve already been using Youtube then you will know exactly how to do this but if not – follow along with me in the video. Once it’s been converted into a MP4 it’s very easy from there.

If you’re using Facebook Live, then you should be uploading to YouTube too. The first part of marketing IS about using the LIVE data feeds such as Facebook Live, and then it’s about getting that Facebook Live video and uploading it to YouTube for a wider audience. I’d love to speak more with you!

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  1. Hello Bec Cornthwaite, the mbasic is not working anymore. Do you know if it was changed to something else? Please let me know. Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hi there..
    Thanks so much for the tutorial..its really help me started my utube channel by tranfering all my video from fb to utube. God bless…

  3. Your tutorial is very clear. Yet, It won't save as an MP3 it saves as a web page which won' t play as a video. Ugh! Help.

  4. It doesn't work anymore it looks like. All the newer comments show that it doesn't work. I had the same experience. At the point when I want to save the video the second time for mobile version there is no way to right click and save. I guess youtube doesn't want this. There are people here on youtube, saying it is not good to upload FB live videos to youtube, because it is for a different audience. Thanks for trying to help!

  5. This used to work when I did it before…but now it doesn't. I put the m in and a press play, and it won't let me get to the place that says to save video, when I right click, nothing comes up. I am on a Macair, is there anything tricky with them? I used to do it on my Mac, not sure if anything has changed. Do you know? Thanks!

  6. I'm the same – I can't right click on the video once it's playing in mobile format. Nothing happens – must be something to do with the operating system? I'm on a laptop with Windows 10 in operation

  7. Doesn't work – it won't let me save it as a video – it just says "save page as", which means it is a webpage, not a video.

  8. I had to play video in fb and then hit the little three button icon and click download and then it let me save it to my desktop.

  9. I tried this several times with no luck. When I pressed "save as" it only gives me the option of saving as a web page or html. THEN, I suspected that the issue was with the browser I was using. (I was using Chrome.). I switch to Firefox and got it to work easily. If anyone is having problems, you might try this.


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