Honda NC 750 X – Test Ride & Detailed Review


Great Middle Weight Touring Motorcycle!
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 I had the opportunity to ride the last version of the model in my trip around Gran Canaria. I have to confess that I was nicely surprised how this motorcycle behave in this type of roads. It did the job just perfect! For two days I covered less than 300km, but the number of the corners I had was countless. The little Honda worked perfect in any situation I asked. It has 750cc engine with 54 H.P and it was more than enough for my needs. The suspension was performing very well and the handling was way better than I have expected.
The lower position of the petrol tank, under the seat, makes the model perfect for newbie or not so experienced riders. It also allows you to make the maneuvers much easier, especially on lower speed. The biggest advantage of this motorcycle, over the competition is the low fuel consumption. 3.5l / 100km. So far there is no other model with even close stats. And last, but not least is the price. At the moment the model in Europe cost around 7,000 euro.

Will it be my next adventure motorcycle? No! The reason of that is off road limitations. It has 17 Inch front wheel, very short and soft(street suspension) and not enough clearance. Also it is not really suitable for my size, but other than that I can tell only positive things.

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  1. The Essential Guide to Any Motorcycle Traveler – Online Course:

  2. Best bike I ever had. I have a 2016, the dct version, I averaged 3.1L/100km over the last 6000km… for tall riders (192cm), knight design sells lowered footpegs.

  3. Does any one know where you can order those beautiful blue fairings from?

    Love that colour, great video dude, love your content🍻👍🇨🇦

  4. You were keep saying that "weight always matters", and I agree. Do you know the weight of that bike? Just check it! Even if its low centered I think its too much and Honda is giving you only a single disc which can be dangerous on long hill downs.

  5. Just watched your video, very well done. I thought you guys did a great job with your review of this motorcycle. I am buying one in the next week or two, I've already got my paperwork in to the dealer. I am in Canada and as a Honda employee (retiree, actually), one of our benefits is that we get anything Honda makes at dealer cost. Looking forward to getting this bike. Cheers!

  6. Nice video! Please, between versys 650 or NC 750x for a tall guy (1,96 m) using mainly in the city and short road trips, what do you think is the best one? Thank you.

  7. One of the things that I like in your videos is that you do NOT use that epidemic noisy background music that most people do use in their videos in YouTube! Thanks

  8. Thank you for the Review !!! "It made my heart sing !" (like the song says). In addition, a would like to add that, on my NC 750 X (2019), the storage space and the fuel tank cover can be opened just by switching the key, without using both hands. Greetings from the neighbourhood (from Romania!).

  9. Coming from a 2013 V-Strom 650 on which I did about 27,000Km from new, I want a CVT or DCT bike to reduce hand and wrist pain I get from a manual clutch. The Strom is, in my opinion, exceptionally pleasing in almost every regard. Sadly, like a proper idiot, I swapped it for a new Yamaha T-Max 530 DX scooter a year ago, but I am wholly disappointed with the T-Max, and I have not done more than 900 kilometres in the last year.

    Looks like this will be my next bike and therefore probably my last petrol-powered bike.
    I reckon 10 years from now electric bikes will equal ICE bikes and then some…. but not today.

    By-the-way (not connected to the Honda)…
    In all regards except the following two, the T-Max is a great bike, but I cannot forgive its major failings. It is far, far too noisy. It sounds, until about 80KPH like a broken washing machine powered by a poorly maintained two stroke engine. Horrible, whining, buzzing, droning sound. It has poor fuel economy, but that's due to the CVT transmission (21KPL).
    On balance, though, it almost rides itself – it is that easy to ride. Almost no negative effects on handling with a passenger. Comfortable and great wind screen (electric). It has (perhaps as it is still new) no CVT vibration when pulling away or slowing then re-accelerating.
    Why swap it then? That f^^^ing noise.

  10. Owned a 2014 NC750X which I bought new and put 50,000KM on it. It's reliable, easy to service, no engine heat, excellent for hot weather riding, and it's an indestructible work horse. Excellent for commuting and long rides. Also, it's quite powerful. If you're thinking to buy one, go for it. My only regret is that I sold mine.

  11. I am 189cm and 120kg. I am looking dct version that bike,v strom 650xt of 2008 bmw f 800gs. I m planing on riding most of the city riding and maybe short europe trips. I had before various motorcycles,v strom 1000 also and never again. That kind of machines are only long distance oriented.What is your recommendation? Thanks man!

  12. This a good bike for beginners and advanced, I highly recommend this bike. For advanced users I recommend to reflash the ECU to remove limitations and if you stay in the mountain area, change the gearing (-1 on front; + 2 on back). My bike is 2017 model and I already done 45000 km. Also, I go on track regulary (i know is not a bike for track, but I have so much fun) and is very stable motocycle.
    Downside (depends on the riding style)
    – is to heavy (225 kg ffs)
    – weak brakes on front wheel
    – suspension can’t be turned

    PS: in 2 year and 45000 not even a single problem…keep in mind, my riding style is very sporty…just in this summer I change 3 tire sets

  13. I agree. This is a brilliant bike for the money. I own one and it is a great all rounder!! I just got back from a weekend 800km ride, it was perfect!

  14. Man, great work. Nice reviews having always excellent comments. Keep up the good work. Cheers from Brazil.

  15. Hi there. Whic seat type-model you ectually choosed? I saw few options on french aftermarket web site. I plan to buy this model but stock seat is not thar comfortable.

  16. may i know nc750 ,xt660, dl650 and versys 650 which one is your choice . i know xt 660 is your bike and so please chose 1 in 3 and why you chose . i am looking for recommandation for my new adventure bike

  17. I own a Honda Intergra 750 (same as the NC with additional body panels), I purchased it mostly for commuting in the city. I like the ease of riding and great gas mileage that my other 2 bikes (2016 Yamaha FJR 1300 & 2017 BMW S1000RR) rarely gets ridden. If you're in no hurry and don't need to maintain speeds 160 KPH (100MPH) long periods of time its a perfect bike to travel on. It corners fine and of course we've seen many examples of Honda NC with over 160,000 Kilometers on the odometer with no mechanical issues.

  18. Great video as usual! 👍
    I went to try it last week and I was surprised: due to the low down torque , I felt I was riding a single cylinder ( I mean it positively ) since the two cylinders feels “empty” to me. I had Aprilia pegaso and VStrom, and, even though the Strom was more performing, I felt it empty compared to the single cylinder Pegaso. the best would be high torque and high revs of course (like my old GSXR 1100)…But too heavy and sporty for daily use. That’s to say, I was impressed by the NC750x. The bike felt also so light despite the 230kg it carries. The only problem was the horrible windshield , the noise from the wind was soooo loud!!! Otherwise, nice bike! I’m thinking of getting one (but with manual gear). The other choice would be the Vstrom (to which, anyway) I would change the windshield due to its buffeting problems..
    is there any bike (beside the costly GS1200) that has good wind protection?? Any suggestions?

  19. Why almost no one tests the front LIGHTS of a motorbike ?
    If people did it – matbe the manufacturers would bother to put something that actually is usable .

  20. dude, you just denied what you kept implying in your other video about how good was your tenere with very high center of gravity…LOL here you have finally realized how low center of gravity helps with low speed maneuvers, bingo.

  21. It’s can’t really be half a Honda Jazz engine as it doesn’t have iVTEC. You have to go the a VFR if you want that. This bike replaced the Honda Deauville as Honda’s mid range bullet proof bike. They emphasised the fuel efficiency and of course the low cost, which was about £5,000 when it came out. TMF did a tour in the Canaries which demonstrated (one of his biker friends) how two up is ok on this bike….

  22. Great bike but for 2 reasons I would not get it one gas tank to small and 2 you have to lift the back seat to get at the gas tank to fill it, this could be a problem if you are fully loaded and have to unload the back seat to fill up. If they would make it so you could fill the gas with out removing the back seat and put a larger gas tank on it, it would be on my list. Even the CB500X has a larger gas tank and you can get 500 Km per talk on it. If going long distance do not want to be looking for gas stations.

  23. Hello, from a fellow bulgarian! For this summer I am planning to visit Gran Canaria anyway, so why not with this motorcycle! I am beginner tho, I got my driving's license this year, so do you recommend this bike for a beginner like me? I have some previous experience on a mountain bikes and scooters. Thank you!


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