Does the Rick and Morty Talking Cat’s Secret Set Up the Finale? (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)


As Rick and Morty approaches its midseason finale on Adult Swim, and speculation abounds about how Matthew Broderick’s talking cat character may play into the overall plot! Dan performs a CAT scan to find out more on today’s Nerdist News!

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  1. I'd say they have seen something similar to the chaos-scenes from "event horizon". People ripping themself apart just for fun.

  2. Couldn't this cat be what happened if a Vet Rick did experiments on various animals to try to communicate with them? Just, if our Rick has seen everything and still that is that disturbed by this cat, I'd have to assume a different Rick is likely involved in that cat's secret.

    If every potential universe is possible, it also makes sense that in at least one universe, there would be a Rick that went the legit route of becoming a Vet via schooling/further education and end up doing some super-unethical experiments on animals. Just if the Ricks are all scientists of some type, it is a logically conclusion that at least one would do something like become a Vet – being a vet is a well-paying job after all.

    Maybe Vet Rick trapped a Lovecraftian monster in the cat's body to make it able to talk. Maybe Vet Rick recreated some of the experiments that happened on humans of the past on cats.

  3. The cat was hiding The Last Days of Noah when Them Feline Cat Beings from the Sirius Star System lifted the veil the "Van Allen Radiation Belt" which unleashed different various species of beast on Earth from "Outer Space" a.k.a other dimensions which they had sex with unrighteous humans who was left behind on Earth in the last days a.k.a the end times which we are all living in right now. #Gofigure #lastdaysofnoah

  4. This cat is oddly similar to Mr Poopy Buttholes cat at the end of episode 10 season 2.

  5. Cat is Epstein… loves Florida, partying, into deviant behavior, talks about wanting people to ask questions, and he didn't kill himself. Way to many similarities.

  6. horrific  cosmic horror HR giger monster sex and puckered monster begining witch give the cat its abilities and  HP lovecraftian dicripidness and more monster sex and HR giger monster horror .

  7. The cat also featured in the post credit scene of S2 Ep 10 'The Wedding Squanchers' featuring Mr Poopybuthole! Potentially, the cat could have done something to Mr Poopybuthole and or Mr Poopybuthole is holding a dark secret that Rick and Jerry saw when they scanned the cat's brain. This may not hold up though because Rick would have acted on seing Mr Poopybuthole in the cats head as part of the events he witnessed. But really we just need to hope that noting has happend to Mr Poopybuthole or I will seek blood thirsty vengance!

  8. If you can’t already tell, there is nothing secret or deep happening with these new episodes. There is no grand subplot. They’re just a bunch of episodes with surface value. Literally, nothing has been connecting from episode to episode since season 2.

  9. I know I cannot be the only one that sees the extreme irony in this video the whole point of the talking cat is to not overthink things and here you are overthinking things

  10. Ok, just an idea. But if we were able to view the erased memories from morty in Morty's mind blowers, isn't it possible that we will be able to see Jerry's memory of what was in the cats mind if another episode comes out like that? Just a thought.

  11. It was totally something related to "I'm sorry Jhon" it makes perfect sense. I need no more explanation than that.

  12. Cat is represent someone powerful like Hillary Clinton. Child torture and cannibalism is the Unspeakable because many friends have died. And more to come maybe a big reveal our own government involved in satanic worship. 😜😳

  13. Episode 4 was possibly the weakest one in the entire series. That dragon shit was annoying, like a kid that just started swearing.

  14. The fact it made rick want to fucking kill himself means they saw some fucked up shit. I mean rick has seen some shit so this is pure horror. He even wanted to protect jerry from seeing it, he didn't want jerry to experience the horror and even erased his memory because he felt sorry. That cat is fucked

  15. The sounds of the scan make me think of marching, sci-fi gunfire and screams so maybe some sort of war is involved? The cat is oddly keen on going to Florida and the only reason it states is that they don't ask questions and have fun but it asks too many questions itself. I also find it weird that it doesn't make any indication that it's talking.


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