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Today we are taking DIY school supplies…to the locker! Your locker is your chill space, your little plot of land in the vast, crazy ocean of the school day, so you know we’ve got to personalize it! Let’s do this!!

DIY Emoji Magnets. This hack will really let you show off your mood and personality. For this DIY you will need some round magnets, yellow paint and some fine tipped paint pens to draw on the faces. Super simple and they make such a statement!

DIY Locker Chandelier. Time to shed some light on this hack! Get yourself a touch light, 3 embroidery loops, copper crafting wire, cardboard, fringe, a beaded necklace and hot glue. Trace a piece of cardboard for the top of the embroidery loop and attach the touch light. Make holes with a screw and attach copper crafting wire. Secure to embroidery loop and continue this with each loop. Add fringe and beading for decoration. Glue a magnet to the top to stick in your locker. Now it’s your turn to be FONCY!

DIY Locker Alarm. OMG – my ears are screaming already! No one is going to want to get near your locker! For this hack, you will need aluminum foil, cardboard, an electric buzzer, tape, craft foam, a clothespin and decorations. Cut out a cardboard square and a small strip off the side. Carefully strip your wires and wrap both black ends with tinfoil to the inside of the clothespin. Tape the clothespin and the buzzer to the cardboard. Tape a piece of foil tape to the cardboard, too. Twist the red wires together and tape on top of the foil tape. IMPORTANT: Make sure to put a piece of cardboard in the clothespin so you don’t set the alarm off on yourself! Connect the battery and tape it to the cardboard. Insulate the foil tape with a piece of foam. Attach a string to the cardboard pull and one end to the locker. Pull it at your own risk!

I hope you like learning about these sweet locker hacks! They are almost too cool for school. Make sure to like and subscribe to be part of the #goldiesquad.


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