Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City | Ep. 1: Grandma Goes To Rio


Now that the world has been summarily thrown under the bus, Grandma feels it’s about time she retired to the ends of the earth, got a condo, cleaned out every casino she could find, and engage in general old people debauchery…

Dark Souls 3 is an Action RPG by From Software following the Unkindled, an undead hero from an unknown land. As they journey across the ashen land of Lothric, they will meet an assortment of depressing characters and slay a veritable bounty of wretched fiends and horrifying monstrosities on a quest to unite the Lords of Cinder and bring them back to their moulding thrones. Can the Unkindled complete their task before the Age of Fire comes to a withering end, or will the world be once again swallowed in an Age of Darkness?

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