Choosing The First MAIN CHARACTER in Fighting Game


Choosing The First MAIN CHARACTER in a Fighting Game. Ever wonder how to choose your first main in a full roster of a fighting game you just picked up? Here are some tips using UNIST
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  1. The thumbnail is correct you main Yuzu (even if on pad, you just accept the arthritis) or the most hot waifu in the game, this is the way.

  2. My way of choosing mains:
    1. Go to Training mode.
    2. Pick the character you like the most (whether by design or because you are familiar with the game's source material).
    3. Use all of his moves from the movelist.
    4. Loop back to step 2, but don't pick the characters you already tried.
    5. Pick the character you liked the most (I pick the character with a satisfying command grab, I really like those).

  3. Yuzuriha is also my favourite looking character. I like her color palette a lot. Im going to buy the game soon. Ill start with Wagner and Enkidu, but will eventually go for Yuzuriha.

  4. I always play the easiest/most basic character

    3rd strike – Ryu
    Guilty Gear – Ky
    Smash – Cloud
    Garou – Butt (Reskinned Ryu)
    Bftg – Red, Green, Yellow
    Skullgirls – Cerebella

    So I'd say I'm gonna main Hyde when UNICLR comes out on Switch

  5. I like Merkava because I like the monster character and his intelligent showing that he not just a mindless monster

  6. I choose ky kiske because he looks like flynn scifio.
    In UNIST, i would definitely choose either merkava or enkidu.

  7. As far as beginners playing I’d say Akatsuki and Phonon. But for character design I love Enkidu remains me of Geese from SNK and he uses traditional martial arts, and also Carmine has a dope design too he got that goth emo feel and he kinda reminds me of Lori from SNK. Both Enkidu and Carmine are my mains.

  8. My main criteria in choosing my main character: Is he/she fun/cool? I dont care if the character is difficult to master or low-tier, I still play him/her if I like em 😀

  9. Merkava actually isn't that hard to play, he's probably one of the more beginner-friendly characters just because of how big his buttons are and how relatively easy 3k+ BnBs are to do.

  10. How I chose a main in Uniel was I looked at the roster. Saw Seth and laughed at how edgy the design was. Started shouting edgelord shit at my friend over Discord while laughing at how edgy he is. Stuck with him ever since because I find the edginess incredible.

  11. Actually the correct order to play UNIST is:
    1. Go to tutorial
    2. Check the characters you like
    3. Try their missions
    4. Choose based on your feeling.
    You did everything wrong tbh

  12. I also made the mistake of maining Yuzu right off the bat, just because I REALLY loved her design.

    I went back and learned the game with Linne instead, then picked up Yuzu again and now I'm pretty competent


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