Bloodborne Gameplay: Luke Plays Bloodborne for the First Time – THE SEARCH FOR VICAR AMELIA


Blind playthrough: Luke strikes out into the Cathedral Ward and Old Yharnam in search of the Blood-Starved Beast and other horrors in Bloodborne. Wish him luck – it won’t be enough but it would be kind.

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  1. Wow! No lie Luke is playing this game a hell of a lot better than I did when I first played! Top notch! No lie, your skills are good!

  2. How do you keep smashing bosses on your second/third attempt?! Man all of these bosses took me hours first tries, and I am good at soulsborne games!

  3. Is Luke ever going to equip Caryll Runes or use Visceral backstabs? Also ranged damage varies wildly between enemies. The pistol does almost no damage to normal enemies, but it can kill small enemies in a few shots or stagger bosses if you shoot them in the face. It's one the easiest ways to deal with Cleric Beast and Amygdala.

  4. All the death in this one is basically the universe balancing itself for the one try boss fight previous stream isn't it? All the death from the bloodstarved beast boss fight is taxed now.

  5. Luke i feel compelled to tell you about weapons: you won't find them anywhere, you find the badge which unlocks them in the shop (in the hunter's dream). Be sure to check the shop as you've collected a couple badges in the last stream and there might be something you like!

    (I main with Ludwigs Holy Blade)

  6. This one really tested you, Luke. You still came out on top though.

    Everytime I see a Soulsborne game, I am reminded why they are not for me.

  7. If I wasn't already lying down when he was knocking on the doors I would have fallen over 🤣 and When the message came up saying "you've come to the right place" and he picked up the twin shards I started saying Luke no it's a trap! So then of course had to fall over laughing for about 5 minutes at my own accidental quote… but then that happened 😩

  8. Before playing: They all say it's a masterpiece; how bad can it be?
    During play: I hate this game and everything in it. Why would anyone do this to me!?!?!?
    After play: Ahhh, yes, the Fromsoft adventure entitled Bludburne – I am the best at it and had no trouble whatsoever.

  9. He seems to taken to the Andy coping method unless of singing everything is fine but I'm impressed that he still playing bloodborne after playing bloodborne 🤔 Luke might just be the one inside of the Oxboxtra crew crazy enough to convince to play alien isolation

  10. Love how soulshadowsborne games forces you to give yourself regular pep talks in order to maintain your sanity.

  11. Just bought DS3. It's amazing! A bit too amazing, I have frequent dips in FPS… probably going to continue playing when I upgrade my laptop.

    In the meantime, I'll just play Vigilant SE on Skyrim. Btw, it has the armor and weapon Luke is currently using in the stream! XD

  12. I gotta say, Luke used the zweihander on Gwyn, he's familiar playing with an ugs in these games, he needs to invest in Ludwig's Holy Blade.


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