August 25, 2020
  • 4:03 am Phần mềm giả lập Android trên máy tính PC tốt nhất 2020
  • 3:42 am How to install LAN or Ethernet Controller Driver|with WiFi connection
  • 3:20 am Cài đặt driver USB Console (usb to rj45)
  • 2:56 am How to Install HP Laserjet p1102 Printer Driver in Windows 10
  • 2:25 am Video test máy in cũ canon LBP 1210 chạy ổn định giá rẻ

Is Violet’s forcefield from The Incredibles 2 possible?
Why don’t they exist in real life? Are they physically possible? Come find out.

Hi! I’m Jade. I’m an Aussie with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics. After three years and over 100 lab sessions, I realized I’m terrible at experiments. So now I make physics and maths videos on YouTube 🙂 Check out my channel and subscribe if you like:


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Big thank you to Mr. Beat for supplying the footage with the transition glasses! Check out his channel here:

Physics of the Impossible – Michio Kaku

Force field movie clips:
Epic Fight Scenes: #9 – Dune (Shield Practice)
FANTASTIC FOUR “Let’s get invisible” [Invisible Woman]

Star Trek vs Star Wars: Shields

The Incredibles – Violet VS Dash


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