ALL SECRET LOCATIONS in Vehicle Simulator! | Roblox


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Vehicle Simulator (aka Lambos on Ferraris on Lambos) is a game where you drive around and unlock super cars in Roblox! Let’s win races and buy the coolest and most expensive cars in Vehicle Simulator!!

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  1. These are all actually part of a secret in Vehicle Simulator. Completing the easter egg/secret gives you STARRY CAMO. What you first need to do is go to all those secret locations and click on the dominuses to get them, along with a sword. Once that's done, you need to find some secret buttons hidden on the map and click them in order. Next, on one small hill there is a thing on the top, it should have 5 torches lit up on it corresponding to the 5 secret buttons. After you clicked all the buttons earlier, you should've heard some noises, that was the thing opening. Now that you're there, you climb down carefully and find the places to put your things. Place the dominuses on the dummy/body things and place the sword in it's place too. A portal should open and bring you to an alien place. It should give you a badge and you will have STARRY CAMO.

  2. Bro you right click the dominuses and then right click the headless people to give them the head and then you get out ur sword and right click the theplasma thing then you get in a poetal then youll get the ez mundo badgr thing and btw the map was the secrrt Island featuring the secret easter eggs and a deadly black smoke idea from lost the TV shoa

  3. he did not find all the secret locations
    1. missed second island
    2. giant sphere that has a island with a cube inside. also an invisible wall stops you from entering might be the moon cameron murray talked about

  4. { Everything of these is gone except for the 3 dominus and the secret area on the hill you must open, which cannot be opened because you only have the 3 dominus. }


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