August 25, 2020
  • 4:03 am Phần mềm giả lập Android trên máy tính PC tốt nhất 2020
  • 3:42 am How to install LAN or Ethernet Controller Driver|with WiFi connection
  • 3:20 am Cài đặt driver USB Console (usb to rj45)
  • 2:56 am How to Install HP Laserjet p1102 Printer Driver in Windows 10
  • 2:25 am Video test máy in cũ canon LBP 1210 chạy ổn định giá rẻ

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Gaming is a great way to develop skills such as reflexes and cognitive abilities. It’s a wonderful way to engage your senses and to test your mind’s acuity.

As such, it’s a great idea to get some kind of gamer tattoo to commemorate your love of all things game.

Maybe you can go super retro and commemorate something like the original 8-bit Zelda games. Or maybe you can even do something that shows off classic Super Mario Bros. You can also go a little bit more modern and do something like Metroid or Sonic, or maybe even Wolfenstein 3D. The Doom games are just as popular for fans of the series and casual players alike and could make for an excellent tattoo design.

There are literally no limits to where you can get a gaming tattoo for men on your body. One obvious choice would be the chest. This would be great for tableau type shots such as something like the Doom games or even Goldeneye 007.

You could also go with your arm, especially if the tattoo is of an 8-bit game and you want to make an appropriate sleeve. You can even place an old-school character on your arm near your elbow so you can make it look like they’re moving or doing some other type of action when you flex your arm.

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